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The Voutia System

Price: $899.00
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Item Number: VS-C v1.0
Manufacturer: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 1

The Voutia System is indicated to provide safe, predictible, immediate relief of acute or chronic dry throat and dry mouth by coating, moistening,and lubricating oral and pharyngeal structures thereby relieving the symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth.)  It is intended for use in individuals suffering from a percieved or actual deficiency in saliva production during waking and/or sleeping hours as a result of numerous medical conditions (Sjogren's disease, Scleroderma), treatments and medicines as well as damage and/or destruction of salivary gland tissue secondary to head and neck radiation treatment prescribed for the management and eradication of cancer. 
(Please see the USER INSTRUCTIONS page for important information before purchase!!!)

This Complete Package contains all of the components needed to begin using the Voutia System.  Included with this order are the following items:

  • One (1) Voutia System pump housing: LCD display, Touch Pad Interface, Internal Rechargable Battery, Pump and Circuit Control Board with On Board Memory for Four (4) Settings
  • One (1) Proprietary Medical Grade Wall Power Source/Charger:  This Charger comes with an adapter for 110v wall outlet commonly used in the United States.  International plug adapters can be ordered on request.  The Voutia System is designed to operate on 110v U.S. or 220v EU power grids using the appropriate adapter.
  • Two (2) Voutia System Fluid Delivery Headsets 
  • Two (2) 3cc Luer-Loc Style Priming/Irrigation Syringes
  • Two (2) Male to Male Luer-Loc adapters:  These adapters are used to connect the Voutia System's headset and reservoir while providing an easier gripduring attachment and removal.
  • One 16 fl/oz Non-Collapsible Polyethylene, Food Grade Reservoir with Tubing and Press Fit Vent Plug:  This reservoir is a convenient and stable container that will rest easily on a night stand as well as slide into our custom under shoulder carry bag. Container meets or exceeds U.S. FDA standards for food grade transport.
  • One (1) 800ml (approx 24 fl/oz) Collapsible Reservoir with Tubing:  This reservoir is a convenient way to transport your fluid when you are "out and about." As the fluid is delivered, the collapsible nature of the bag slowly reduces the feel of weight and bulk.  There is no need for venting as the bag will not build up 'negative pressure' when being used. Fits easily into our custom under shoulder bag or most any personal waist/sports bag. Does not need to be filled to capacity to work. Meets or exceeds U.S. FDA standards for food grade transport.
NOTE: Some variation in reservoir design may occur based on availability from the manufacturer.

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