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Replacement Headset

Price: Extra or Replacement Fluid Delivery Headset
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Item Number: 3
Manufacturer: Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 3

This delivery headset is identical to the 2 (two) included with each Voutia system.  Composed of medical grade tubing that meets or exceeds both U.S. FDA and USP Class VI requirements, if you have damaged one or both of your original headsets this replacement will return your Voutia System to function. Replacement of the Voutia headset is recommended every 6 months.

Although each headset is capable of functioning longer by adhereing to the cleaning protocol in the user manual, Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, LLC recommends headset replacement every 6 months just like a regular toothbrush.

The clear tubing is ExcelonTM Microline medical tubing and the ultrafine tube to the mouth is composed of Polyimide.  Both tube types have a long history of use in the medical field with Polyimide being utilized frequently in cardiac catheterization proceedures.

Each replacement headset has 4 feet (121.9 cm) of ExcelonTM Micro-Line tubing electromagnetically sealed to a 10.5 inch (26.7 cm) extention of Polyimide ultrafine tubing. At the sealing junction, the tubing is surrounded by a soft, flexible, clear silicone ear support. (Included with each replacement headset is one (1) male to male Luer-Loc connector, not shown)

Users can customize the length of Polyimide tubing desired to extend to the mouth by carefully trimming the free end with a very sharp pair of clean scissors. 

Do not perform this trimming adjustment while wearing the headset as accidental injury could occur to the user. VH&NT, LLC accepts no responsibility for personal injury by not following adjustment recommendations.
The manufacturer recommends using a new piece of dental floss held in the mouth where users wish to have the tube end and measure to the top of a user's ear as a template for trimming your Polyimide tube. Take care to not overtrim the tube. Leaving a little "slack" is recommended.

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