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Free Yourself From The Water Bottle

Voutia System has been designed to take a straight forward approach to an uncomfortable condition.  Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a common condition that afflicts millions across the globe.  Most treatment modalities have revolved around palliatively soothing the  painful side effects and damage that results in saliva reduction or complete loss.

We here at Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc. have taken it upon ourselves to utilize some of the most current technology available to design a way to predictibly replace lost moisture to the oral cavity.  By using an adjustable programmed pumping system, we have been able to develop a patent pending system that can effectively duplicate the various secretion rates of the human salivary gland system.  Without precise, regulated flow control, users would not be able to use a moisture replacement system 24 hours a day.

Voutia uses a quiet micro-pumping system to "secrete" fluid through an ultra-fine delivery tube directly to a user's mouth.  A slow, controlled delivery is essential because a normal salivary gland does not simply "squirt" fluid into the mouth at random intervals.  It is a continuous process that varies at different times of the day. Each sufferer has a different need.  Some have lost all of their saliva production, while others are slightly reduced.  By having a user adjustable flow rate, each person can supplement themselves based on their unique requirements.   Voutia has been designed with this in mind.

The Voutia System does not "give a drink of water" to a user.  Instead, it seeks to keep the oral and pharyngeal structures moist.  A perpetual dry mouth leads to many noticable problems:  Difficulty speaking, swallowing, breathing, and even can contribute to more easily damaging one's oral tissue.    

Here are two short videos showing the extreme range of precision the Voutia offers:
(Please note, I have had difficulty viewing these in the Chrome and Internet Explorer Browsers.  Firefox has played them well.)

Shown Above is the Voutia System operating                                                                      
at 0.9 ml/min, its maximum setting.   


Above you can see the Voutia System Working at 
its lowest setting: 0.1 ml/min

How to wear the Voutia Headset

putting on the headset 
Fig. 1:  Putting on the Headset

headset on 
Fig. 2:  Headset in Place


putting tube in mouth  
Fig. 3:  Placing the Mouthpiece Tube in the Mouth

.tube in mouth    
Fig. 4:  Mouthpiece in Place 

between teeth  
Fig. 5:  Mouthpiece Threaded Between Natural Teeth (optional)

fixed removable  
Fig. 6:  Mouthpiece Tube Placed Under an Implant Prosthesis (optional)

headset worn
Fig. 7:  View of a Male User Wearing the Headset
(note the low visible profile)