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Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc. (VH&NT) is pleased to announce that as of July 27, 2018, The United States Food and Drug Administration has confirmed we are able to market our system in the United States.
In addition, we are proud to reveal that the USPTO has accepted our system as unique and granted our company patent # 10,548814.

We wish to thank all of you who have been patiently awaiting this moment.  Administrative actions are now underway and we hope to have systems available soon.

The Voutia System is intended to offer an additional option for relief from the symptoms of acute or chronic dry mouth in individuals WITHOUT an impaired swallowing or gag reflex. 
In no way does the Voutia System claim to CURE acute or chronic dry mouth. No inferences or promise of such are intended by Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc..  
Individuals with a known impairment of the swallowing or gag reflex, or who have a failed swallow test should consult with their treating physician or dentist before using this system.
Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics,  Inc. accepts no responsibility for use of the Voutia System by individuals with these impairments.  If recommendation and use under the guidance of a licensed health care provider in these cases is undertaken, both the user and Health Care Provider accept full responsibility for any damages that could arise and agree to absolve and hold Virginia Head and Neck Therapeutics, Inc. indemnified of any legal claims/tortes or accusations of wrongdoing. 

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The Voutia System
Price: $899.00
The Voutia System
Statement of Intended Use (USFDA):The Voutia™ system is indicated to provide relief of dry mouth by coating, moistening and lubricating oral structures thereby relieving the symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth).